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Mechanized Wizardry Maps


Delia Map done


  • Population: >900,000.  Largest city on the Anthic Thrust.
  • Area: 402 km^2 (roughly the size of Venice)

District Information:

  • Bohock:  Low-to-mid-income residential.  Ancillary businesses around stadium traffic.  Many peasant and waterman families who migrated into the city at Delia’s founding have remained here for generations.
  • Changer’s Way:  Financial district.  Symbotic relationship with casinos due east at the border of Havensburg and Gildet.
  • Drabelhelm:  Slums.  Destitute workers and families too poor to live inside the city walls.  Large transient population of laborers from the Thrust and overseas.
  • DuSo: “Dust and Soot.”  Industrial district for mills, machine shops, and factories.
  • Gildet: The first district most visitors see, with iconic Gilded Gates juxtaposed with minimalist monument The Plinth. Mixed usage, from upscale housing to street bazaars to restaurants to arts to gaming.
  • Havensburg:  Mid-income housing.  Diverse, with Delia’s most clearly delineated ethnic neighborhoods; more prosperous immigrants tend to settle here.  Western areas adjoining Galidate Gardens are wealthier; eastern wall border with Drabelhelm is barely different from the slums outside.
  • Harborfront:  One of the most heavily trafficked harbors on the Bounded Ocean, with a steady flow of merchant traffic to international ports.  Some low-income residential.  Prestigious oceanfront property is on estates outside the city walls, primarily to the west.
  • Marble Hills: Wealthy district for nobles and titled residents.  Many noble families have expansive estates elsewhere on the Thrust and apartments in Marble Hills.  Secluded from the rest of the city by Galidate Gardens in the east and the monument park Parapet Square in the south.  Derisively called “Parkapet” by residents elsewhere in the city.
  • Palace: The seat of the Haberstorm Throne.
  • Southwest Stadium:  Center for sporting events, rallies, and feastday celebrations.  Formerly known as Torvald Stadium until Prince Torvald’s exile in 872.
  • The Toss:  “Tossetburg.”  Mixed district, with markets and low-to-mid-income residential tenements.  Infamously bad traffic.
  • Workshop Row:  Creative district for the community of Petronauts, as well as civilian inventors, machinists, craftsmen, and high-end merchants.

The Anthic Thrust

Thrust map done


  • The western tip of the continent Upper Anthis
  • Roughly 480 km N-S, 1450 km E-W
  • Two-thirds covered by the Tarmic Woods, a dense deciduous forest
  • Bordered by the Flinthock Mountain range in the west
  • Delia has five military bases spanning the southern Thrust: Fort Randolph, Fort Maddour, Fort Aleks, Fort Vizeer, and Fort Campos.  Fort Vizeer is also known as Vizeer Base, the primary port for the Delian Navy.

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