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Do you sell physical copies of your books?

Not yet, but physical copies of The Wizard That Wasn’t and The Mask And The Master will be available later in 2012.

Do you have more titles coming out?

Yes!  Subscribe to this blog, join my mailing list, follow me on Twitter, or check out my Facebook page for the latest info on new releases.

I just bought one of your titles through this site.  Why did I receive a .zip file with two copies in different formats?

I recognize that people have all kinds of beloved e-readers, and I want to make it as easy as possible for you to read my titles on whatever device you’ve already got.  That’s why I don’t use DRM.  That’s why for the price of one e-book, you actually get both an .epub and a .pdf; two flexible formats that work on an array of devices.  Odds are one of them will be a format that your particular device can display comfortably.

Still want to convert a title to a different format!  No problem!  You bought the book; you should be able to read it however you want.  Calibre is an incredibly powerful FREE tool for swapping your ebooks around from one format to another. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

(Note: Use the .epub as your source material for any and all format switcheroos.  .Pdfs are messier to convert.  )

If you’ve got a device that can’t display any of the formats in the .zip file once you extracted them, drop me an email.

I love your stuff, and I know my best friend/aunt/pool boy is going to love it too!  Do you mind if I email him/her the .zip file I just bought from you?

I’m glad you like the books, and I’m thrilled that you want to share them with your people!

That said, please recognize that I’m aiming to make a living through my writing, and every time an ebook sells I get a little closer to that goal.  The more of my income comes from writing, the less work I’ll have to do at other jobs to make ends meet, and the more time I can spend writing!  That means a faster turn-around and more things for you to read.  Everybody wins!

So, if you enjoyed one of my books and want to share it with your circle, before emailing them your copy (which might encourage them to email it on or post it somewhere), consider this instead.  Link your friends to this blog or to my Amazon page, where they can peruse large samples of each book for free.  That, plus your recommendation, should give them enough info to know if they want to buy their own copies or not.

I liked your books, except for this one part…

If you’ve got something you’d like to say about the books, write a review on Amazon!  Even if you didn’t buy it there, that’s the best place to add your two cents to the discussion.

You can also comment here on the blog, or tell me what you think on Twitter, Facebook, or by old-fashioned email.

PS: A shout-out to for the background image.


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