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May 1, 2013 / benrovik




As I mentioned in The Past, my brother and I have been working on an opera together for quite some time.  He wrote the music, and I wrote the libretto.  We first started planning it out 2010 so it could be his last hurrah before getting his doctorate in composing a few years later

Well shut my mouth, we went and finished it.  And with the excellent contributions of the artists, musicians, and good people of New Voices Opera (founded for this production), we put it on!

The opera’s called “Intoxication: America’s Love Affair With Oil.”  Here’s what reviewers had to say:

Everything about this project merits praise and opportunity… The libretto is clever; the music, appropriate, varied and attractive.


[Ben Rovik’s] libretto is an exemplar of poetic craftsmanship. He draws from historical events, political figures, pop culture, and even mid-century advertising to show the evolution of American culture and its relation to our growing dependence on oil. Without an obtuse agenda, [Rovik] leaves the audience with a heavy message and a lingering sense of discomfort; we’re all dependent on oil, no matter how much we wish to become more “sustainable” and “green”.

Hot cha cha!  Maybe a Mechanized Wizardry opera should be in the works one of these days.

Check out New Voices Opera, and my brother Chappell Kingsland’s site for more excellent music.



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  1. Scott J. Robinson / May 2 2013 10:04 am

    That’s pretty damned impressive. Well done.

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