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May 22, 2013 / benrovik




It’s KDP Select time, my droogs!  Aloft is free now until Saturday.

Last time this scrappy little tale of workplace romance and terrible bosses climbed the free Fantasy/Futuristic romance bestseller list.  I’ve played with categories and the like since then (because why not?) and now it’s #12 in Technothrillers!

A book that can do so well in those two genres?  That sounds like something I’d sure want to read! (If I hadn’t written it.)

Please pick up a copy if you don’t have one, and kindly request that your friends do the same!  Let’s make this thing the #1 technothriller on Amazon!  Take that, Tom Clancy!



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  1. chris / May 27 2013 1:54 am

    Sad fan here; I was at Balticon this past weekend and came across a flier for Aloft being free “this weekend.”
    But even I got home, I found it was already back at $2.99 and that the free was only through Saturday.

    • benrovik / May 28 2013 10:50 am

      Chris– I’m so sorry about that. I must have been asleep when I scheduled the promo, to make it not cover the entire weekend. Really, my apologies.

      If you’re not too sad a fan, please shoot me an email at benrovik AT and I will supply you with the free Aloft you deserve and perhaps another freebie as well.

      Thanks again for grabbing a card and checking things out! Hope you enjoyed the Con.


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