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About Ben

For starters, being a writer means:

1) Flexible hours

2) A great commute

3) An extremely (perhaps obscenely) relaxed dress code

But above all, it means getting paid to tell stories.  My goal with each new story is to write something that’ll entertain you, move you, or make you think for a few hours.  Imagining people like you all over the world turning to that last page of a Ben Rovik book with a little, satisfied smile?  That works for me.

My Mechanized Wizardry series is available on Amazon and right here at (where, incidentally, more of your purchase price goes directly to support Mister Author, to enable him to write even more books!)

I’m also a published playwright, under the name Ben Kingsland.  Check out a few of my stage shows at and Heuer Publishing;  or you can browse and buy from my whole catalogue of plays at!

I went to Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD.  I live outside Washington, DC, with my wife, two cats, and a lot of wine.


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