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December 4, 2012 / benrovik

New editions of the Mechanized Wizardry series

After a typo-related crisis a few weeks ago, I decided I needed to take another pass through The Mask And The Master to make sure the ebook was the pretty, presentable package it needed to be to let the story beneath the formatting shine through.  I wound up doing the same for The Wizard That Wasn’t, too.

It was a good process to go through for several reasons.

  1. The books are now looking their best as we go into the holiday season
  2. Re-reading the series has helped enormously as I start writing Book Three: The Fate of the Faithful.  Much better to have the characters fresh in my mind after the becoming-a-father writing hiatus of the last few months
  3. There were gnarly typos in the books, and they needed to be expunged– simple as that

So now Amazon, Smashwords, and this here blog have both Mechanized Wizardry books in freshly edited third editions.  In addition to fixing outright errors, I made a few other changes, some mundane, some pretty exciting:

  • The books now have MAPS!  There’s a map of the districts of the city of Delia, where so much of the action takes place.  There’s also a map of the Anthic Thrust, the long peninsula Delians call home, so readers can have a better sense of where the Petronauts are going on their adventures through the Tarmic Woods in The Mask And The Master.
  • The formatting for chapter headings is cleaner and (I hope) more professional
  • Units have been changed from so-called “standard” to metric.  More about this in a later post.
  • There are links to the Petronaut Tales inside each book, so readers can bounce around freely between the two series

If you’ve already purchased an older edition of either book and would like the tastiness of the new one, you can download the book again at Smashwords (I think).  Alternatively, shoot me an email and I’ll be happy to send you the new edition of the book or books you need.


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