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January 18, 2013 / benrovik

Quickie publishing thoughts

Lots to do, and several meals yet to eat today.  (Surprising how hard it is to make time for that sort of thing.)

I wanted to share some self-publishing tips and opportunities that came through my inbox or feeds recently.  I hadn’t heard these things anywhere else, so they caught my attention.

    • Pricing differently for each country.

I’m an American, so I only think in dollars.  I price my ebooks at an $x.99 price, because even though people aren’t actually fooled into rounding down to the number before the decimal, it’s such a common marketing habit that a $3 book looks demonstrably more expensive than a $2.99 one. (Smashwords insists on the .99 price too, because some of its affiliates also do.)

At any rate, Nathan Maharaj at Kobo points out that there’s no reason not to do the same thing for prices in all currencies.

If your $2.99 book auto-prices to 2.25 Euros, why not go ahead and raise the price to 2.99 Euros?  Or lower it to 1.99?  Either way would be more purposeful, and take into account the fact that readers paying that price are going to be more receptive to something close to a round number than something somewhere in the middle of the decimal range.

An interesting pro-user thought!

    • What about Google?

I read Mark Coker’s New Year’s Predictions.  Very cool to see what the creator of Smashwords thinks about publishing, since he’s full of info and has his finger on the pulse of the thing.

One of the comments talked about Google, and the rise of the Play store, which made me realize that I’d totally neglected to include my books in those places.  I tend to head to and remedy that asap.  The more places the Mechanized Wizardry books are visible, the more likely they’ll be seen.

    • Kindle serials!

As if I needed another project… I saw a guest post on Lindsay Buroker’s blog about the Kindle Serials program, and how it’s open to pitches from indie authors.  Do tell, Amazon!

I love the prospective excitement that would be built up around a novel-in-progress, and I think it’d create even more opportunities to engage with readers.

I’ve got an idea for an urban fantasy series that I think would make a page-turningly delicious serial novel.  Maybe I’ll be able to get to it by the end of the year.

Read anything interesting in the self-publishing world lately?



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