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December 27, 2012 / benrovik


Please grab a free copy of Aloft on Amazon, now until Saturday!


Junior technician Ensie Thalanquin is the odd girl out in the Aerial squad. When she falls for a civilian machinist, can they keep a relationship afloat despite the differences in their backgrounds, the meddling of their superiors, and the pressure of a dangerous flight test a few short weeks away?

Petronaut Tales tell the stories of the Petronauts of Delia, inventors and adventurers who have dedicated themselves to the pursuit of knowledge. From the mighty motorized suits of the Shock Troops, to the flying machines of the Aerials, to the everyday breakthroughs of the Civics, each of the eight squads has its own specialty and its own culture. And the ‘nauts and technicians who make up the eight squads all have their own adventures…

A companion series to Mechanized Wizardry.


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