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December 26, 2012 / benrovik


12-27 to 12-29

Tomorrow until Saturday


Aloft will be free on Amazon!

As I mentioned earlier in the month, I found Jeff Bennington’s post on how he makes KDP Select work with his books.  I decided to take a spin through the promotional sites he mentioned.

So I’ll go ahead and walk you through the places I visited, and the programs I decided to take part in (That is, all the free ones).  After the promo ends on 12/29, I’ll post a summary of the results, and we’ll see how it all shook down.  Next time I do something like this, I might decide it’s worth paying to be a sponsor of one of these sites to feature my book more prominently.

I’ve also listed about how many Facebook likes/Twitter followers these various sites have, so you can get a sense of what their reach is.

Author Marketing Club

The single best thing I did was to visit these guys.  In addition to being a place to list promo days, as they have a comprehensive list of other places to list freebies, and lots of other services for authors.   Several of the entries below I reached through them.  It was the only location that required setting up a free account.  ~7,300 likes.


I added all four current titles to their database.  Promotional stuff cost money, so I didn’t try it this time. ~500 likes.


Submitted the freebie dates!  We’ll see if they actually feature the book.  Let me know if you spot it over the next few days.   Guaranteed free listing would have been $5.  ~12,000 likes.


I requested ‘editorial submission’ for Aloft.  That’s their way of asking for free featured space.  Advertising was $50 otherwise. ~70,000 likes.

Pixel of Ink

Submitted dates! No paid advertising available that I could see.  ~300,000 likes!

Kindle Book Promos

Submitted dates!  Ads were $10 and up.  ~200 likes, but ~88,000 Twitter followers.

Daily Free Ebooks

Submitted dates and said I’d be willing to do an author interview. No paid sponsorships.  1,500 likes.


Submitted dates, and also requested reviews of a few titles.  No paid sponsorships.   16 likes, 800 twitter followers.

Books on the Knob

Submitted dates. No paid sponsorships.   1,880 likes.

Centsible ereads

Submitted dates.  Various sponsorships from $5 to $25.  504 likes.


I listed The Wizard That Wasn’t as a freebie on Smashwords, actually!  This is one of the few sites I found that allowed for listing promos in addition to KDP Select freebie days.  I didn’t list Aloft here because thought they only had paid listings for KDP promos; I think I was in error.  Sponsorships from $5 to $25.  1,000 likes.

Book Deal Hunter

Submitted dates.  No paid sponsorships, but plans to add them.  1,300 likes.

Free Kindle Books And Tips

Submitted dates.  Book needs an average of a 4-star review to be included.   No paid sponsorship. ~28,000 likes.

Free Kindle Fiction

Submitted dates.  Guaranteed inclusion for $5, book features for $12.  ~3,400 likes.

Indie Book Of The Day

Submitted dates.  This site also features recently expired deals, and upcoming ones, giving authors more exposure.  Cool times!  No paid sponsorship. ~760 likes.

Free Book Dude

Submitted dates.  No paid sponsorship.  ~430 likes.

Ebooks Habit

Submitted dates.  “Book of The Day” freebie promo for $10.  1,200 likes.

So that’s 17 different sites I went to to announce the promo days.  It took maybe 3 hours to do all of this, and I think it would take far less time to do it for subsequent freebie days, since I know exactly how the sites are laid out now.

I can’t wait to get some data about how it all goes, and let you know how effective these various site are at reaching readers, AND how effective the non-paid promotional tools are for making the best use of these sites.

Be sure to check out Aloft tomorrow!


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