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December 1, 2012 / benrovik

New Release! Aloft


As promised, there’s another new Petronaut Tale for your end-of-year enjoyment!  This one comes from the Aerial squad, and it’s full of romance, comedy, and excitement:

Junior technician Ensie Thalanquin is the odd girl out in the Aerial squad. When she falls for a civilian machinist, can they keep a relationship afloat despite the differences in their backgrounds, the meddling of their superiors, and the pressure of a dangerous flight test a few short weeks away?

I wanted to write a romantic comedy that wasn’t about beautiful people.  Regular folks get swept along by love and lust just as much as the blonde vamps and bare-chested Fabios who are cliches in the genre.  So here’s a story of two ordinary people falling unexpectedly in love–and trying to sort out what that means–against a backdrop of workplace humor and steampunk action.

I thought about throwing some more genres in there but then I got sleepy.

Buy this lovely novella at Amazon now!  (more about that in a later post)

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