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November 25, 2012 / benrovik

New Release! Arm’s Length

I’ve published a new short story that launches the Petronaut Tales series.

In Petronaut Tales, you’ll get to see adventures from the other seven squads of Petronauts who don’t get to be front and center in Mechanized Wizardry.  This first installment, Arm’s Length, is about the Bulwark squad; ‘nauts and techs who specialize in defensive technologies.  Here’s the blurb:

Sir Roland of the Bulwark squad has an armored suit built to take enormous punishment so his comrades don’t have to.  When the Delian schooner Granite comes under attack from two corsair clippers, Roland and his tech are duty-bound to defend the sailors and civilians on board.  But keeping the pirates at arm’s length is going to take some unorthodox measures…

It’s set about twenty years before the beginning of The Wizard That Wasn’t, and illuminates a little more of Delia’s history– in addition to being a rollicking swashbuckler on the high seas.

I’m looking forward to doing more of these Tales as the years go on!  It’s a fun way to play with new characters, flesh out the world, and play with genre a bit too.  Not every Tale is going to have the same tone as the main storyline.  This one is a nautical adventure; the next is a romantic comedy; there will be mysteries and heist stories and maybe a dash of horror or something in there later.

Sound interesting?  Visitors to this blog, twitter followers, and Rovikians who’ve subscribed to my email list can pick up a copy for free at Smashwords!

Use the coupon code DG73L at checkout and the story is free.

Enjoy, and keep following for more announcements before the year is up!

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