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October 11, 2012 / benrovik

Free remains the new Awesome, but with an Addendum

Hey Ben! Thanks for making your books free on Smashwords, and slashing the prices on Amazon! Are you going to update your prices here on the blog?

My plan is to keep the prices in place here on the blog.

I’m perfectly happy for you to go get the full books for free on Smashwords right now! I’d love for you to snatch them up on Amazon for .99 cents each! I’m perfectly happy for you go on iTunes and get the free Podiobook to listen to this very minute! I wouldn’t be offering those options if I weren’t cool with it.

But, if you’re the sort of reader who really wants to support a writer directly, I’m very grateful for that, and I will accept your support in the form of tantalizing digital greenbacks.

I get 100% of the sticker price of ebooks sold here, after Paypal’s very modest fee. That extra ~25% royalty over Amazon and Smashwords makes a big difference as sales climb.

Buying the books directly from me, here on the blog, is like a donation. And my hunch–which could be totally off base– is that if you’re the sort of reader who has ignored the convenience and polished experience of Amazon and Smashwords to navigate directly to my blog for the books, it’s probably because you feel the teensiest weensiest bit of connection to me as a scrappy young writer. And if you feel that way, you might not mind making a $4 or $5 donation to me in exchange for a fancy ebook.

So why free on the big book portals, and for-pay here on the tiny blog? It really comes down to bizness. When people (like you, if you want) get my books for free or supercheap on Smashwords and Amazon, it makes the Mechanized Wizardry titles that much more visible in the rankings– especially if you take two seconds to rate what you’ve read. And that means that over time more people will see them, read them, and, ultimately, as I continue to add titles, pay for them.

Giving away the full books for free on the blog would be awesome, since traffic would likely increase and I’m really appreciating the fact that more and more of you are reading and commenting. But hosting tons of free downloads would actually cost me money, and I’m extremely poor already.

So that’s my thinking right now! If there are readers who are absolutely determined to support me directly, I’d like to make purchasing my ebooks as a vehicle for a donation to a young writer. Seem okay?

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