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October 10, 2012 / benrovik

Free is the new Awesome

It’s been a good month. I just finished some new covers. I’m getting a new Mech Wiz story ready for publication. I just had a birthday. I just became a dad. I just had a really tasty pulled pork sandwich.

All in all, I feel great! How best can I share these feelings of light and delight burbling through my veins? What’s in it for you when Ben Rovik’s in a good mood?

Well, here’s what’s up: I’ve just decided to do a promotion and make both Mechanized Wizardry books FREE!

At, you can download The Wizard That Wasn’t and The Mask And The Master for free in every format your heart may desire!

At Amazon, I’ll be changing the price to 99 cents each (their policies won’t let me make them free).

I’ll be keeping this promotion up for as long as it seems fun! So while the getting’s good, jump over to Smashwords and pick up the books. And if you like them:

  • Take two seconds to rate them
  • Take two minutes to write a one-paragraph review
  • Take two sentences to tell a friend

Happy Free Stuff!

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