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October 8, 2012 / benrovik

New Covers part 1

I’m very pleased with the art Nicole Bellofatto did for The Wizard That Wasn’t and The Mask And The Master, but I haven’t been happy at all with the layout I mocked up using the art.

Then I heard about GIMP from a post on Fantasy Faction by C.S. Winchester. A free image manipulation program as powerful as Photoshop, you say? Tell me more…

I make no pretenses to being in the loop on much of anything, but I’m continually amazed to find out how much I, as a self-published author, don’t know about the tools that make self-publishing so. damn. accessible. GIMP is amazing (and free), and with a few tutorials I was creating the covers I’d visualized. Calibre is amazing (and free) and with a few clicks I had converted my .doc files into all the ebook formats I wanted to sell. Audacity is amazing (and free) and let me create a fancy schmancy audiobook in my own house.

It’s possible to do all this stuff without fronting tons of money. Fortunately, I’ve always had more time than money, and I love putting in the elbow grease to get the results I want.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the new layout.  On to the next book!

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