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September 21, 2012 / benrovik

Petronaut Profiles: Sir Mathias Mascarpone

Sir Mathias Mascarpone is the jovial junior ‘naut of the Reconnaissance squad.  His hulking good looks and gregarious nature let him make friends easily, and he banters as freely with the most junior techs as he does with senior ‘nauts and the Board of Governors.  Trying to stay friendly with everyone gives him divided loyalties, however, which become irreconcilable when the people in his world get into conflict.   Insulating the Recon techs from Sir Kelley’s temper (and, in turn, translating the techs’ flights of fancy to the senior ‘naut) would itself be a full-time job.  But the hard-working ‘naut is always ready to go above and beyond the squad’s duties for the honor of his father, a Petronaut from the days of Queen Tess.

In The Wizard That Wasn’t, Sir Mathias has his hands full to keep the techs and his superior on track when the squad find themselves at the epicenter of a national crisis…

But in The Mask And The Master, the challenges multiply on and off the battlefield, and he’s forced to lean on others as much as they lean on him.

Age: 36

Profession: Junior Petronaut (Esq.), Reconnaissance Squad, Delia

Duties:  Doing the will of the Throne, the Board of Governors, and his senior tech in missions involving surveillance, tracking, stealth, and opportunistic combat.  Also, keeping Kelley from biting off the heads of strangers.

Lives: The guest wing of the Mascarpone family home in Workshop Row, on the south side of Parapet Square (ten minutes from the Recon building).

Favorite Food:  Roast pig and sour cabbage, by the plateful.

Favorite Drink:  Chestnut Brown Ale

Favorite Animal:  Halcyon Mastiff (a childhood pet)

Happy feastday!  None of you saw me here.

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