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September 18, 2012 / benrovik

“I” and “E”: An open letter to the masters of the English Language 3

Dear Overlords,

Schoolmarm McGee always told me

I before E,

except after C

Or when sounded as “Aaaaay!”

as in “neighbor” or “weigh”

… but what about “kaleidoscope?”  (Kah-LAAAY-doh-skope?)

Can you add that into the mnemonic?

Also, do you have a mnemonic to help me remember how to spell mnemonic?

M before N,

And also after E,

But the first one is silent,

The M, I mean, not the N,

Because there are two of each

The end

Shouldn’t a word that helps people’s memories be easy to remember?  Like “Pipper” or something. If Schoolmarm McGee had given me pippers to memorize maybe I’d have had more success in life.



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