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September 12, 2012 / benrovik

Petronaut Profiles: Samanthi Elena

Samanthi Elena is the fiery senior technician of the Reconnaissance squad.  A born gadgethead, the only thing she loves more than a good laugh or a good drink is a good malfunction; the messier and more intricate the mechanical problem, the better.  Her bare-knuckled bluntness sometimes gets her into trouble, so she makes an effort to censor herself around strangers.  But her fellow ‘nauts get the full force of her energy and honesty day in and day out.

In The Wizard That Wasn’t, Samanthi is able to translate Lundin’s far-out ideas about machines and magic into steam-and-steel reality, building a mechanical wizard just as dark magic threatens the Delian crown…

but in The Mask And The Master, she struggles to find her place in a changed squad and a stranger, more dangerous world.

Age: 34 (In The Wizard That Wasn’t)

Profession: Petronaut Senior Technician, Reconnaissance Squad, Delia

Duties:  Maintaining and upgrading the ‘nauts’ field armor, designing new gear, overseeing the most hopeless junior tech in Delia, doing the work of five with a staff of one

Lives: A basement apartment on the southeast edge of Workshop Row, barely five minutes from the Recon building.  (An old schoolmate set her up.)

Favorite Food:  Marinated beef skewers

Favorite Drink:  Applejack

Favorite Animal:  Miniature pigs / trained black bears (Tie)

You damned stupid genius!



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