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September 10, 2012 / benrovik

Petronaut Profiles: Horace Lundin

Horace Lundin is the unlikely visionary at the center of Mechanized Wizardry.  He acts too quickly, talks too fast, and doesn’t sleep nearly enough.  His days as the junior tech of the Reconnaissance squad are a never-ending swirl of drudgery, inspiration, amusement, terror, and guilt, depending on who’s watching and how mad they are at him.

In The Wizard That Wasn’tLundin comes up with a revolutionary idea to apply Petronaut principles of order and reliability to the chaotic lunacy of magic.  The oddball project is a bigger success that he ever predicted, and bears fruit just in time to avert tragedy in the city of Delia…

but in The Mask And The Master, Lundin pays a price for taking the project too far, too fast.  As his responsibilities magnify, he learns how much lonelier it is to lead than to follow.  
Age: 33 (In The Wizard That Wasn’t)

Profession: Petronaut Junior Technician, Reconnaissance Squad, Delia

Duties:  Obeying Samanthi, helping Sir Mathias, avoiding Sir Kelley

Lives: Tosseton/ The Toss, Delia’s market and low-rent residential district.  His apartment is a twenty-minute walk to the Reconnaissance building in Workshop Row.

Favorite Food:  The nearest

Favorite Drink: The cheapest

Favorite Animal: The Fearful Swallow (a seaside bird with short brown feathers known for frantic bursts of acceleration and a hoarse call reminiscent of a startled human gasp)

“In my defense, I was extremely tired.”



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