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September 3, 2012 / benrovik


Well, technically, no.

But in the midst of a very full summer at the day job, which involves writing and directing plays with kids, I have by jeebus managed to nearly finish the audiopodiobook of The Wizard That Wasn’t.

Recording was a blast, and playing around with original music and a few dialogue filters here and there was a neat use of my long-dormant engineering skills from school. I’m very eager to see how users at Podiobooks respond to the book, and how it affects traffic to the blog and to Amazon for the ebook editions.

I’ll definitely be releasing The Mask And The Master on Podiobooks as well as time allows. Even though it’s, oh, two and a half times as long as The Wizard That Wasn’t, I’m pretty positive that the overall recording process will be smoother.

It’s taken me about 3 months from conception to completion for Book One’s ten episodes, but there were long periods where other work and familial considerations took precedence. Also, I was a dumb person several times, and recorded or edited things together very badly, necessitating whole chapters worth of re-recording in the end. The pattern I finally hit on by about the fourth episode was to

1) record the entire audio in a sitting, stopping any time I flubbed a word or noticed an error and re-recording as I went

2) Lay down a rough cut in this way of all ten episodes

3) Listen carefully to each episode, noting the timestamp on additional mistakes or egregious background noise (I was able to do much of this at work on days when I arrived early)

4) Do spot re-recording of those trouble spots for each episode

5) Add bed music, filters, and effects to each episode

6) While that episodes was exporting to mp3 (10 minutes of processing time), write the episode description up and get everything shipshape to upload it to the Podiobooks interface

7) Upload

9) Profit!

I’m still not exactly sure what step 8 is, but I’m sure it’ll become clear in time.

So thanks for your patience as I’ve babbled about making audiobooks since early summer without actually having anything to show you. The book is so close to completion it’s like a glistening, bone-white disk of chocolate chip cookie dough in the oven. It’s temptingly delicious, and you know it’s just a few minutes away from being a delightful treat in your belly– but you also know it’s just not ready to eat. And if you try you’ll scar your esophagus with molten dough.

With any luck, howe’er, I’ll have a release date to announce by the end of the month! In the meantime, these ebooks will have to tide me over…



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