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May 24, 2012 / benrovik


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Just so you know, I’m very excited about this month.

At long last, Books One and Two of Mechanized Wizardry will actually be up and available for purchase in all their glory! Book One is freshly revised after a year in the Kindle store. Book Two is being released for the first time, after I finished the draft in a mad frenzy of writing at the start of the year. Both will have splendid cover art by Nicole Bellofatto.

Book One, The Wizard That Wasn’t, is a novella-length “pilot” for the series. In it, we’re introduced to the city of Delia, a small-but-mighty hub of trade and technology in a Renaissance-level world. We meet the Petronauts, a confederation of inventive technicians and adventuresome knights in mechanically augmented armor. And we meet Horace Lundin, a junior technician who hits on an idea to build a wizard…

Book Two, The Mask And The Master, gives us our first look at the fallout from Lundin’s decision to build a mechanical wizard– a Spell Box– and put it to use. From wizards to traitors to mysterious masked baddies, the epic story unfolds in a novel-length adventure that slowly brings more and more of the world into focus.

Take a gander at free samples from The Wizard That Wasn’t and The Mask And The Master, and pick up your own copies if you’re interested! There’s much more story on the way before the end of 2012, and I’m thrilled that you’re along for the ride.

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