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May 16, 2012 / benrovik


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Who loves Baltimore? Who loves books? Who loves thousands of book fans in the vicinity of Baltimore? THIS GUY!

I’m very excited to head over to Balticon for memorial day weekend. The Missus is going to be co-running the registration table, and I’ll be there helping her out whenever I’m not (1)on a panel (2) attending a panel (3) doing a reading (4) getting lost. (Hotels are big. It happens.)

When I have my schedule, you can be sure I’ll post it here. At some point during the weekend, I’ll be reading an excerpt from The Wizard That Wasn’t, book one of Mechanized Wizardry. I’ll also apparently be flapping my gums on a panel or two. If that’s your sort of thing, it would be delightful to have you there.

If you’re in Maryland or find yourself on the east coast, come swing by the con!

PS a little bird told me that they’ll have delicious Heavy Seas brews on tap in the bar…

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