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April 16, 2012 / benrovik

Of singsongs and side projects, vol 2

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An update on my operatic adventures!

As of this writing, the world premiere of “Intoxication: America’s Love Affair With Oil” will be at the Waldron Arts Center in Bloomington, IN, on April 26th and April 27th, 2013.

Notice that’s 2013, not, like, a few weeks from now. So don’t go forming a line around the block yet.

I’m excited about how the libretto’s turned out, and the snippets of music my Brother (a PhD composition student here) has worked out sound most pleasing to mine ear.

The plan is to record demos of a few of the songs and get them online sooner than later, so people know what we’re talking about. As soon as those files or videos are live, I’ll link to them here.

It’s been a really satisfying change of pace to work on a libretto in the midst of doing all this fiction. You know how some plants grow best when they’re next to plants of other sorts? Like, how some bushes grow better in the shade of trees, or having peanuts intermixed with your grains improves the delicious nitrogen available, or something? Well, if I understood the agricultural concepts I just referenced well enough to make any of this paragraph valid, I think it’s a flawless metaphor for my creative process.

Switching from writing novels to operas to plays to short stories to songs and back again helps ensure that each project feels fresh. After powering through The Mask And The Master, Mech Wiz book 2, so hard at the end of 2011, I really needed to shift gears before jumping into the next 100k+ word smorgasbord. So the opera was the perfect side project that used related-but-different mental muscles.

Now that we’ve actually got dates and a location, it makes me realize that it wasn’t just an abstract exercise. It’s actually going to happen, and it will happen roughly twelve months from now.


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