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January 18, 2012 / benrovik

Of Singsongs and Side Projects

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Oh the glorious leisure hours that have come and gone since last we spoke! It’s been fantastic to play games and pet the cats with the freewheeling abandon that comes from having no deadlines.

But as we all know, wo/man cannot live on key lime pie and M+M’s alone. We need heartier fare too; home fries and spinach and bison delmonico steaks. The working times makes the breaks more fun.
What I’m trying to say is I’m delving back into the writing mines and no one can stop me. (I’m also hungry, apparently).

This month will involve shifting gears a little bit. My brother and I have been planning a collaboration for a year and a half now. He’s a composer getting his PhD at Indiana University, and for his dissertation he’s going to compose a one-hour opera! Operas, naturally, need words, so he asked me to be his librettist. We’ve been wanting to work together for ages, so this seemed like the perfect chance to mash our skills together and create something truly, grotesquely awesome.

I’ve never written a libretto, mind you. But I’ve been a playwright for years, and I’ve written some sweet song lyrics before, like this jam from my influential 2006 demo CD I’m A Machine:

I’m a machine
I just love making friends
Ride the machine
Into the sunset

If that doesn’t scream “opera” to you, then clearly you know too much about opera.

Anyway, I’m stoked about trying a new format and stretching my theater-type muscles again. I’ll still keep track of the words I write, but 1000 words of opera libretto is a completely different beast from 1000 words of a novel. A few dozen words can take minutes to sing, so the whole thing’s going to be much more compact.

I’ll keep you posted on this side project, and about the latest when I get back to Mechanized Wizardry mischief.

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