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January 1, 2012 / benrovik

December Word Report

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Hey there! Some jolly news in advance of the New Year. December was an absolutely great month for writerly resolutions.

I wrote an average of 1,389 words per day in December’s festive 31 days! That’s an enormous improvement over November (799). 

What makes me even happier is that in the midst of all the holidays, I was able to balance family and parties and travel and celebration and still keep writing a priority.  In November, more than a third of the days were Blank Page days, when I didn’t write a single, solitary word.  In December? Two Blank Pages.  Two!  That’s just 6% of the month, and represents what I see as a tremendous decrease in slackishness.

“But Mister Rovik–if that is your real name– couldn’t you avoid Blank Page days just by jotting down a few words at the end of the day, even knowing that you were going to delete them later?  Is a Blank Page Day really so much worse than a day where you only write, say, 14 words?”

I’m glad you brought that up, Nancy Naysayer.  In fact I did have a day when I wrote only 14 words.  And, in fact, that is lame.  But I also had eighteen days when I met/exceeded the thousand-word goal.  I had four days when I wrote more than three thousand words!  And, through the power of averages, that stuff balances out.

But you know what I’m going to do to make you feel better?  I’m going to start making some graphics that show the monthly word breakdown a little more clearly.  Because, Nancy, I know that full disclosure is important to you, and I really appreciate your input.

43,067 words for the month.  I PUMP MY FIST IN THE AIR.  This book is going to be done and out there before you know it!

A very merry season and an amazing New Year’s Eve all around.  Thanks for reading!

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