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December 22, 2011 / benrovik

The Dreaded Blank Page

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Phew!  I’m doing pretty well on my 1k words this month.  I have a few weeks of break from the day job at the dilithium mines, so I’m hoping to wind up ahead of the game on my daily average for December, even with the holidays thrown in the mix.

As I was filling in my word tally table a few days ago, I thought to myself, “You know what you need, Mr. Rovik?  More metrics to track!”

So in addition to words per day (which yields the monthly average), I’ve started looking at a few more things to give a fuller picture of how the month went.  After all, I could get a 1k daily average by writing 30k gibberish words in a single 24-hour binge, and eating fritos and playing Skyrim the rest of the month.  Or I could get less than a 1k average by diligently plugging away and putting in 500-900 words every blessed day.  What seems more writerly?

To spur myself on the path to daily writing, not just binging to hit that average, I’ve started tallying up two things at the end of each month: the % of days in which I hit 1k, which I’m calling “Yeses!” on a provisional basis; AND the % of days when I didn’t write a single freaking word.  I’m calling these “Blank Page Days.”  They are boils and eyesores on the surface of the month, and I must shun them.

Basically, I’ve created a secondary goal. “1) Write 1k words every day” is closely followed by “a] write every day.”  The fewer Blank Page Days in a month, the more it means that I was making my writing a real priority, no matter how much day-to-day life was trying to get in the way.  Even taking 15 minutes to jot down a few lines or do a little plotting is worthwhile.

We’ll see how this feels after a few months!

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